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Losing Fat Without Losing Your Health

Nowadays losing fat has become kind of a sport and the number of its followers tends to grow all the time. But what is funny is that the number of overweight and obese people also grows. Obviously, the two trends are related but one might argue which of them is the cause and which is the consequence.

Sure, we don't say that the activities of losing fat create obese people but it is an indisputable fact that every rapid decrease of weight is followed by an even more rapid increase after the diet is over or the intensity of exercising drops. So it seems that what most people lack in their efforts to lose fat, are durable results.

On the other hand, constant severe diets pose a real health danger. So how to find the balance between losing fat, keeping the results for a long time and not damaging one's health? Some of the answers to this tripple question can be found on this site.

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