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How to Lose Belly Fat - Losing Belly Fat Fast

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If there were statistics of the most desired places to lose fat from, the abdominal area will most likely be the absolute winner. Belly fat is incredibly common and it is not unlikely to see that even slim people have a tummy that they would gladly get rid of.

Unfortunately, the wish to lose belly fat only is not realistic. Having a flat stomach and fatty legs is unnatural, so even if you would like to make this tradeoff, the structure of human body will not allow it. If you have excessive body fat, the most likely place that you will start to store it is your belly, so even if you lack fat in other areas, the fat reserves on your stomach will stay. Unless you have no body fat at all, your ribs will not be visible in your abdominal area.

On the other hand, having your ribs visible is regarded by many people as ugly. Also, if you are that slim, usually your arms and legs look boney and for women having the ribs visible also means no breasts at all (unless you resort to some kinds of implants). So most often the question is how to find the balance between a flat stomach with just a little fat on it and keep some fat in other places like legs, arms and breasts.

Belly fat is one of the easiest to gain - one big dinner before going to bed is enough to gain belly fat. If after the big dinner you spend some days on your normal diet and don't eat excessive quantities of food, the negative effects of the big dinner will not stay for long. But if you keep on violating your healthy eating habits, then the fat will continue to accumulate. So, getting rid of recent belly fat is easier than getting rid of fat that has been accumulated for decades. Also, the belly is the place, where stress-related fat launches first.

Your body structure determines how much belly fat you can lose. Generally women have fat both on their bellies and on their thighs, so when you start losing fat, you lose it from both places. A structure, which is more typical for men is thin legs and a big “beer” belly. It is not true that these bellies originate from drinking too much beer, though its consumption certainly contributes to their size. If your body structure is like that, then you might not be able to achieve a flat stomach, no matter how hard you try. Well, this does not mean that you should stay as you are because in addition to its esthetic shortcomings, this structure is unfavorable from a health point of view - it is considered as a risky factor for heart diseases.

However, no matter what your body structure is, the first step in losing belly fat is to decrease the amount of food and especially sugar. Water is a controversial issue because on one hand water helps in dissolving the fats, on the other – when your stomach is full, you look fatter but generally, never try to limit the daily consumption of water. It might be a bit of a temptation that your belly looks so small when you don't drink water but the risks of dehydration make it absolutely unworthy.

Another dieting trick that is especially important for losing belly fat is to eat small portions but frequently. Similarly to water, but with the difference that there is nothing positive in it, eating a lot at once makes you look fatter because while the food is still in your abdomen, your tummy looks like a bulge. Also, when you eat small portions, it is more likely that your body will not create additional fat reserves.

As far as exercise is concerned, the type of your body structure and the amounts of fat you have determine what exercises are best for you. It is a safe bet to say that more trivial exercise, like walking, will not help much, unless you are obese and you need to lose fat from allover your body. One of the best special exercises for losing belly fat are sit-ups – sitting up from a supine position without moving your legs or using the arms for leverage. It is an easy exercise and if you manage to make at least 30 repetitions daily, your belly fat will melt soon. However, see a doctor before that because if you have problems with your internals, even a simple exercise like this one might complicate them.

Sit-ups will help you get rid of most of your belly fat. But if you are an athlete and want to lose all belly fat, you can't do it without going regularly to the gym. Soon after you start losing belly fat, you will discover that the first lost pounds from your belly are the easy stage, while the most difficult is losing the last few pounds. Unless you are a determined bodybuilder, keeping just a little fat on your belly is not a reason to be unhappy.

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