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Gaining Muscle Weight

Having a perfect V shape chiseled body is not an easy job. A perfect body requires complete dedication, commitment and discipline for a long time period. A good knowledge of the general principals of weight lifting is also required. There are some rules which are not to be broken if a person wants to build muscles much faster.

1. Take five small meals a day, after every 2 or three hours
One must keep his system saturated with glycogen and amino acids from carb sources and proteins respectively. One can never know when the body needs these valued nutrients. Moreover, avoiding eating can also cause starvation that leads to the body to consume its muscle tissue only.

2. Center the program of bodybuilding around the movements of big compounds such as presses and squats
One should endeavor for utmost competence of effort, and to exert as many groups of muscles as achievable with as only some sets. This will help in enhancing the recovery ability which helps in the process of growth when a person is out of gym.

3. Do not over exert yourself at the workout
One should not do more than 30 sets at any work out. Overtraining is the foremost reason that the bodybuilders are unable to gain muscle weight.

4. Do not instruct more than 2 days continuously
It is not just the muscles that need recovery after undergoing a heavy workout; the complete nervous system is in the need of rest.

5. After every work out session, take a protein drink without any delay
Researches suggest that boosting the levels of insulin immediately after a severe work out promotes the synthesis of muscle proteins which results in a faster growth of muscles.

6. A break should be taken after every 4 to 6 weeks of extreme and severe training
One should either avoid working out for a full week or down shift the strength to work out for 2 weeks. This will help in getting your strength fully back and even in some cases it also help to promote a fresh growth burst.

7. Keep the sail control on
No matter what, one should always try to be cool throughout the day. Getting over excited leads to stress that leads to the burning of excessive energy, the energy that can be used by the body as a fuel to extraordinary growth of the muscles.
Thus, if a person follows all these steps, he can very easily and rapidly gain muscle weight.

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